More than being measured, time must be vivid
enjoy infinite timefaces 
A device ahead of its time
Looking to ONNE, the first thing you´ll notice is that – yes , we took out the pointers. But that was just a starting point. Actually, we were looking for ways to break the walls of a time that rules our life. By putting a lot of work to give light to this vision, we eventually accomplished something bigger: a device that can bring more inspiration to your time. So, be ready for something amazing. Try ONNE and you´ll notice that by taking out pointers we also took out limits.
  •  Amoled Touchscreen Display
  •  Waterproof IP67
  •  Recharge in less then 45 minutes
  • Lightest on the market: 56 g
Lets look at journey through time
No pointers. No limits. No black mirrors.
With onne , your time is represented by light and color. Three concentric circles make up the watch face. Moving outwards from the center ring are hours followed by minutes and seconds. The "pointers" are represented by the beginning and end of the gradinet. Together, everything flows continuously.
 Thanks to the state-of-the-art Amoled display, you can choose between 8 tonalities to better fit your day, your mood, your moment. ONNE is incredibly light, weighing a mere 56g; and thanks to the exclusive Always On system, you'll get rid of the "black mirror syndrome" forever.
ONNE is the first of its kind, a device designed to remind you to live your time every time you look at your wrist. Empowered with state-of-the-art technology, ONNE allows you to experiment with a new way of dealing with time.
You need
More time
In your life.
Try the unique sensation
You don't need more time in your life. On the contrary. You need more life in your time. More quality, more balance, less tick-tock. You don't want to "gain time". You want to gain from time; find peace. And now you can count on a powerful ally to remind you that time is life every time you look at your wrist.
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The beauty of ONNE speaks for itselfs
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